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full name audrey hélène rosenblatt also known as aud, auds, re-re age + birthdate 21 + february 10, 1995 sexuality + status pansexual + it's complicated hometown nashville, tennessee
current residence hillsboro village education belmont university 2017 occupation front counter ● happy flour bakery
instructor ● miss fit academy
pets fat louie, rush
• the youngest daughter of henrik rosenblatt and colette laurent-rosenblatt, a pastry chef and a physical therapist, respectively. colette danced with the nashville ballet until an extensive MCL injury stemming from a fall ended her career at age 24.

• all of the Rosenblatt children were raised to be well-rounded, kind, and hardworking. audrey, cecily, and chase were always encouraged to participate in sports so long as they focused on their schoolwork as well. the trio were regulars at local equestrian competitions and cecily and audrey both spent over a decade of their lives pouring their hearts into ballet, a love passed on to them by their mother.

• in addition to ballet and equestrian events, audrey recreationally participated in gymnastics, though mostly to improve her flexibility for dance.

• while ballet still remains a major part of her life - and she still laces up her pointe shoes from time to time - she made the decision to pursue other endeavors at eighteen. it didn't take long after her unofficial retirement for her to grow bored - a number of weeks, honestly - and she began seeking a less regid hobby to occupy her time. while walking down hermitage avenue one day, she stumbled upon a studio offering a beginner pole class and her love for the sport quickly spiraled.

• while audrey is the middle child, she doesn't exhibit those typical behaviors in terms of attention-seeking (though some have attempted to argue otherwise due to her hobbies). audrey and her sister cecily have always been the most content to sit quietly and busy themselves, usually with doodles. though she does label as an extrovert, she identifies as more of an introverted one.

• henrik and colette made have always made it a priority to make sure that each of their children know their own worth and while audrey has never necessarily been blatantly overconfident - and certainly not cocky - her self-esteem has rarely suffered any lasting blows.

• she and her sister have matching tattoos that read "La famille avant tout". she also has a small moon on her ring finger. in addition to her tattoos, audrey sports bilateral nipple piercings and thirteen ear piercings (both lobes x2; left - double helix, auricle, and daith; right - tragus, rook, and triple anti-helix).

• audrey is an unwavering fan of both riddles and optical illusions. she also thoroughly enjoys crossword puzzles. sudoku puzzles, however, can rot in hell where they belong.

• thanks to both her mother and grand-mère, she prefers hollistic and alternative medicine practices over typical remedies. she also practices yoga a few times a week.

tv 30 rock, angel, are you being served?, as times goes by, bones, buffy the vampire slayer, ER, friends, game of thrones, ghost adventures, ghost brothers, ghost hunters, good behavior, keeping up appearances, law & order: svu, the office, orange is the new black, outlander, paranormal state, parks and recreation, the royals, sabrina the teenage witch, salem, sex and the city, sherlock, supernatural, wynonna earp, the x-files, ye olde classic sitcoms (mama's family, designing women, golden girls, etc.)

movies 10 things i hate about you, babe, bill & ted's excellent adventure, blackfish, captain america: civil war, captain america: the first avenger, captain america: the winter soldier, chicago, clueless, the dark knight, dracula: dead and loving it, easy a, free willy, flipper, forrest gump, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, the help, inglourious basterds, jawbreaker, jurassic park, jurassic world, lilo & stitch, the lord of the rings: the return of the king, the lost world: jurassic park, miss congeniality, the princess bride, saving private ryan, sex and the city, twister

music avenged sevenfold, beyoncé, blink-182, fall out boy, fleetwood mac, florence + the machine, green day, jimmy eat world, kings of leon, lady gaga, lana del rey, little mix, the lumineers, marilyn manson, nirvana, one direction, panic at the disco, paramore, rihanna, shania twain, spice girls, tom petty & the heartbreakers
zodiac sign aquarius myers-briggs enfj-t: the protagonist
body stats
height + weight 5'9" + 121 lbs. hair + eye color dark brown + blue-green
henrik rosenblattfather, 58. co-owner of happy flour bakery. total teddy bear. go-to for advice.
colette laurent-rosenblattmother, 47. physical therapist - employed at vanderbilt university medical center. former ballerina.
chase rosenblattbaby brother, 18. freshman at vanderbilt university.
magda "maggie" bentonnée rosenblatt, paternal aunt, 45. co-owns happy flour bakery with henrik.

julien laurentmaternal uncle, 51. owner of soleil levant riding school, located just outside of nashville. former nationally-ranked equestrian.